System Key Features:

  • Holds all authorized personal information and their privileges inside the site.
  • Responsible that the policy was defined in the System are implemented by sending the relevant templates to the PowerSill units.
  • Captures events (such as identify success/fail) from the PowerSill\BS82 units and stores them in the Database.
  • Manages a database that stores a list for each of the following objects:
    • Authorized persons.
    • Authorized person’s biometric templates.
    • Access groups.
    • Access groups authorized time tables.
    • Access zones.
    • PowerSill Devices.
    • Logs of activity in the PowerSill Devices. (e.g. identify)
  • Support Antipassback using powersill units.
  • Support wide range of Wiegand protocol.
  • Support all BioGuard managed units: Powersill, BS82, RL82, and Biosill.
  • Support mix technologies in one site, Palm vein, fingerprint, proximity card.
  • Support multisite installation using VPN or cloud.
  • Provides a link between the 3rd Party Access control Server (if exists) and the entire Power Sill system components. (Middle layer).

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Vantage Data Centers Deploys Fujitsu PalmSecure in Collaboration with BioGuard


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PowerSill Biometric controller supports 2 Finger Print sensors

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